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Hello! I’m Elisa, a foodie romantic. I have been a lifelong vegetarian & have turned the page to veganism. My next chapter was to re-educate myself about the gluten-free & allergy-friendly lifestyle.

Since my food journey began, I have discovered I have numerous food intolerances. With countless hours, flours, and tears plus years in the kitchen, I’ve cracked the gluten-free & allergy-friendly code!  My passion is to help others rediscover food: we are currently in a food epidemic. The foods that once nourished our bodies are turning against us and leaving many unhappy bellies in its wake.

My site, Eating Whole, provides a healthy, delicious, and fun cooking experience for everyone from the culinary-challenged to the most adept chef. My recipes are all vegan, free of gluten, dairy, eggs, tapioca starch/flour, xanthan gum, and all can be made allergy-friendly, pertaining to your needs.  My goal is to help not only people with food intolerances, but to help everyone get on the healthy track of life. I will show you how easy it is to eat a plant-based & allergy-friendly diet, without missing your favorite foods!

When I’m not experimenting in the kitchen, you can find me and my rescue dog, Marley, climbing the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.  I’ve been working on recipes and make-ahead foods for traveling / backpacking, so stay tuned!

Enjoy eating whole!

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