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Take Out Chinese Part 2: Delectable Tofu in Spicy Garlic Sauce and Perfect Fried Rice

A few weeks ago I posted my Take Out Chinese at Home recipe and I was craving it again the other night!  I wasn’t sure what to title this recipe; Joey sugeested “Best Chinese Food EVER” since he said this was his favorite Asian meal I’ve made to date; it DOES have a ring to it 😉 .  The beauty of  making this at home (besides saving a little $$ from eating out) is you know exactly what ingredients you’re using and have the satisfaction of creating a beautiful nutritious meal.  I used chioggia beets (another one of my favorites from Migliorelli Farm) in my fried rice and steamed their greens to balance and complete the meal.  These beets are uniquely beautiful with their red and white stripes. 

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