Sinfully Simple Chocolate Covered Strawberries

P1150457s titled

What makes these mouth-popping treats so sinfully simple? They’re almost no-fuss and no-mess because they’re made in an ice cube tray!


  • Ripe strawberries (1 per ice cube mold), washed
  • 12 oz chocolate chips, melted
  • 1 ice cube tray


  1. Melt your chocolate with either a double boiler (or make-shift double boiler).P1150401s
  2. Spray each mold with non-stick spray.   Using a spoon, carefully add a heaping spoonful to each mold.  Place one strawberry per mold and cool in your fridge for one hour, until set.P1150404s P1150407s P1150409s
  3. To remove your chocolate strawberries, place your tray upside down and carefully tap out your chocolates.
  4. Enjoy eating whole!





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