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Scrumptious Meatless Tofu Loaf

This year will be my first gluten-free Thanksliving!  10 months ago I had to relearn my eating habits and at first I was lost & felt like I’d never be able to enjoy food again.  I wouldn’t let negativity bog me down!  I refused to eat processed, let alone mostly tasteless gluten-free options (and then I found even more foods I was intolerant of, which kept me out of public eating for good!).  My kitchen was my salvation; frustrated at the lack of healthy & delicious food options I was on a mission.  I refused to believe that healthy allergen-free food was an oxymoron and was I right!  This year I am very excited for my first gluten-free Thanksliving (it’s by far my first Vegan Thanksliving, and they’ve been cruelty-free my whole life as I was raised a vegetarian.  I will miss my brother as it’s his first Thanksliving away, but I hope with these recipes he’ll be able to feel right at home!).

This tofu loaf has the quintessential fall spices and flavors that brings back childhood memories.  And you know what?  This is delicious any time of the year!  You can even make a double batch, and freeze one before baking to use the next week (now that’s easy!).

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