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The Vegan Omelet

9 Jun

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Roasted Broccoli Bites with Chipotle Hollandaise Dipping Sauce

2 Jun

Processed with Rookie

I came up with this delectable bite-sized finger-popping snack after returning from waterholes in Peekamoose.  I had made a delicious lunch picnic, but was starved upon returning home!  I stared in the fridge (mindlessly) and instantly came up with this.  I am in love with this quick snack!peekamoose Continue reading

V’Eegan Benedict

18 Feb


Let’s play “Never, Ever Have I Ever…”  I’ve NEVER had “real” Eggs Benedict.  I was raised a vegetarian (never a big fan of eggs) and eggs have been out of my life for nearly 5 years!  I know, you’re probably asking, “How can you make a dish without ever actually eating it?”  Why so serious?!  It is a play on Eggs Benedict, my veganized, healthafied version.  With that, I introduce my new favorite breakfast sensation (and that’s saying a lot)!plated

This is a partially recycled breakfast.  I used leftover salad & roasted potatoes with sweet peppers from my Sultry Paprika meal.  You will most likely have left over tofu steaks from this dish, so why not use them in a tasty lunch sandwich?!  Start recycling your leftovers and reduce your foodprint!

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Veganized Healthafied Hollandaise Sauce

18 Feb

My veganized, healthafied Hollandaise sauce is absolutely delectable on my V’eegan Benedict.  Have leftover sauce?  Why not top it off on pasta for a creamy Macaroni & Cheese?!  V'Eegan Benedict

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