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Mexican Corn & Black Bean Salad (Vegan, Gluten Free, Organic)

There’s nothing I love more than a simple delicious salad.  They’re a synch to mix up & make a great addition to any meal.  I added sweet champagne mangoes to this dish, but you can add any other ripe mango or papaya to this dish (or eliminate if you can’t find any that are ripe!).  This year’s champagne mango crop was unbelievable!  My parents do much of their work on Long Island, NY, and thankfully markets were stocked with cases & cases of these babies. To give you an idea, I had devoured at least 4 cases of mangoes.  Humans aren’t the only ones who love them, my cat, Lexi, would scream any time I reached for the cutting board, and my rabbits, well take a look at the joy in Beenie’s eyes:

Ok, you get it, my house loves champagne mangoes!  Now, this great corn & black bean salad can be used as a side dish to any Mexican meal, can be added to tacos, whatever your creative mind can imagine! Continue reading

Red Chard Enchiladas

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love Mexican food.  No, not the fried, cheesy, meaty Mexican – my fresh, healthy, taste-bud-popping Mexican dishes!    These are, by far, my favorite enchiladas & you cannot beat the nutrition!  Inside the beautiful organic red chard  leaves is all organic chipotle black beans with mangos & my Spanish rice (made with easy home-made enchilada sauce).  This is a very quick dinner (especially if you have the rice made ahead of time!). Continue reading

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