What is Eating Whole?

The Vegan & Gluten-Free Pantry

*Like that background photo?  I shot that at the base of a local waterfall in Devil’s Kitchen, Catskills, NY.

My pantry is GMO-Free!  I cannot stress the importance of using all organic non-GMO products.  If you’re wondering, “What are GMOs?!” or “Why shouldn’t I eat them?”, check out GMO Facts by the Non-GMO Project.

If you’re transitioning to a vegan, gluten-free, and/or healthier lifestyle, you’ll want to keep the following food items on-hand & ready for a moment’s notice!  With the right ingredients, you’ll transform a drab meal into a FAB meal! Continue reading

Staples of a Healthy Well-Balanced Diet

Making the transition to a healthy lifestyle can be daunting!  I always base my meals around the following food items (and I cannot stress ORGANIC ORGANIC ORGANIC enough!!).  I urge everyone to read up on GMOs and see why I eat ORGANIC and verified non-GMO food. Continue reading

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