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Zesty Lemon & Rosemary White Bean Dip Pizza


Topped with balsamic roasted cherry tomatoes & sliced avocados, this simple pizza is perfect for a nutritious filling lunch.  I opted the dinner route & paired it with steamed rosemary baby potatoes and garlic pureed spinach.  zesty lemon rosemary white bean dip Continue reading

Avocado and Spinach Scramble

Today we’re preparing for Sandy’s arrival.  No, not a dear friend, a Frankenstorm just in time for Halloween.  Last year we were devastated by Hurricane Irene, then Halloween brought a freakish snowstorm.  Halloween ’12 is knocking down the door, and it’s not packing any treats – only tricks!  I’m keeping busy in the kitchen, trying to use up anything that can spoil in the next few days because let’s face it, we’ll be out of power!

Tofu scrambles are a delicious addition to any meal.  Wrap them up with a corn tortilla for a burrito (great as a breakfast burrito, side of home fries) or use as a tasty side dish to complete any meal (like my roasted oven fries & spaghetti squash!).

Continue reading

Fresh Corn & Black Bean Salad Tacos (Vegan, Gluten Free, Organic)

I have a confession.  I’m in love with tacos.  They’re easy, quick, and you can make an unlimited amount of flavor combinations!  These zesty, nutritious tacos are sure to please everyone, whether it’s Taco Who’s day (hey, tacos aren’t just for Tuesday!) or a satisfying lunch.  This is a full balanced 20 minute meal. Continue reading

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