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Pumpkin Pecan Pancakes

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Hazelnut Coconut Pancakes: Eating whole while camping!

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This past labor day weekend we stayed local and enjoyed the beauty of the Catskill Mountains in our backyard.  This meant this lucky little lady went camping!  Marley, the newly adopted rescue, went on her second camping trip and was well-behaved (yay!).  I always say, just because we’re camping, it doesn’t mean we can’t eat gourmet!  Commence hazelnut coconut pancakes 😉 .  It took me not even 5 minutes to prepare my dry mix in a container at home to bring with us for breakfast, whisk in your milk, and you have quick & delicious decadent pancakes (freshly cut fruit also is a great addition!).  Photo Aug 31, 8 10 15 AM

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Blueberry Pancake Cupcake

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Kiwi Pancakes

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Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla Pancakes with Coconut Frothed Summer Berries


This breakfast is a healthy start to any day & it whips up in 30 short minutes! I love no-fuss breakfasts in the morning (especially during a busy week); this is why I absolutely LOVE making my simple baked pancakes.  It only takes 10 short minutes to whip up the batter (you can even make it the night before and refrigerate it to save time) and you can sing along with your normal morning routine while the pancake bakes.  In no time you’ll be indulging in a truly decadent breakfast without the hassle! Continue reading

Simple Baked Coconut Pancake with Fruit Topper


titleThese baked pancakes are incredibly light and fluffy, the perfect start to any morning (or the perfect afternoon pick-me-up!). Continue reading

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